Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we certified by?

  • The lead instructor, Becky Bond, has training certification through the Pedia Swim Academy with Joy McGinty. Becky has certified her own instructors through the incorporated Safety First Pediaquatics program.

  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED through the Red Cross.

Why Safety First Pediaquatics?

SFPA is the most safe and efficient program out there for infants and toddlers. We will teach your child life saving safety techniques first and foremost, all while encouraging respect and love for the water. Lessons are conducted in a backyard pool. This creates a learning environment similar to what your children will be exposed to when they’re around other backyard pools. We want your children to be exposed to real life scenarios with nothing out of the ordinary. SFPA is the way to go!

Why does SFPA cost more than other programs?

Unlike other programs, your child is receiving one on one training with a certified pediatric swim instructor for 10-15 minutes 5 days a week. This will ensure your child retains as much information as possible rather than a group program of multiple kids for 30-45 minutes only 1-2 times a week. Being focused only on your child, their capabilities, and progression will be better for both the child and instructor to ensure success. Your child will be steps above the rest. 

Why only 10-15 minutes?​

Mainly, the average attention span for a child is 10-15 minutes. Repetition is key in learning skills with anyone, especially a child, and in those 10-15 minutes, that’s exactly what we will be doing. Constantly learning and repeating places to swim too, floating, floating from different placements, etc… Your child will be swimming consecutively in those 10-15 minutes making them tire quickly. 

What happens after my child completes the basic training course?

After your child completes basic training, it is advised that you keep up with their skills by providing them with maintenance lessons. It only takes 1-2 times a week to keep up with their skills. This course will secure the skills they have mastered. It will also rid them of any bad habits they may inhibit through swimming in the pool or lake with friends and family or playing with floatation devices, which are not advised when not needed. Maintaining basic skills is essential for your child’s success. 

About Our Instructors


Becky Bond

Safety First PediAquatics Founder and Swim Instructor

Born and raised in the Central Florida area, I grew up having a deep love and appreciation of the water. As an infant, swimming was my first specialty. I began water skiing by the age of 3. From summers spent at ski school to water ski tournaments on the weekends, my life revolved around the water as a little girl. I went on to become a Junior Professional Water Skier, and even skied on our U.S. Team.   

In college, I earned a Bachelors of Arts degree in Communications and Public Advocacy from University of South Florida. Shortly after college, I found a new love on the water, wakeboarding. Within a couple of years of dedication, hard work, and persistence I began receiving sponsorships and started wakeboarding in the Professional Women's division.    

Coaching children in the water has always been one of my passions. I first started coaching as a Water Ski Instructor in high school, and resumed my coaching career after college instructing wakeboarding at Orlando Water Complex. I have been coaching children in the water for over 10 years now, and have decided to change direction to back to where it all began for me, swimming!  

Through my certification with the Pedia Swim Academy, I am now teaching children to love the water while learning the basic skills of self rescue. During all of this time spent working with children in the water, I have honed my skills and am excited for this new direction. With over 25 years of experience in the water, I know the importance of water safety. The water is an amazing part of life, but it can also be very dangerous.   

Through the rigorous certification course at the Pedia Swim Academy I worked with hundreds of children alongside the one and only Joy McGinty, Founder of PediaSwim and Owner of SouthWest Aquatics. She taught me a vast amount of expertise in teaching and protecting the children in our community. Joy has been teaching for over 20 years saving the lives of many families in the Orlando area. I am honored to have gotten the experience to learn from her.   

With all of that being said, I am excited to embark on this journey and bring my love, excitement, passion, and dedication to your little loved ones.


Mikey Taylor

 Swim Instructor of All Ages 

Mikey Taylor is a firefighter paramedic for Osceola County Fire Rescue. He has over 8 years experience in the fire service, and over 10 years in the medical field. Throughout his career, he has experienced more pediatric drownings than he can remember. Knowing every single one of them could have been prevented if the child would have had the ability to flip and float, he decided he wanted to be apart of bringing awareness and helping protect the lives of our little ones in the community. Mikey doesn't believe water should be a threat to children which is where his passion to teach children to swim at the earliest age stems from along with bringing his fun personality to the water with them. He loves working with kids and he loves to teach. He is so excited to continue to venture on this journey of not one more child drowning.


Annemarie Atkinson

Swim Instructor with a focus in Special Needs Swim Instruction and Stroke Lessons

Born and raised in South Florida, I lived in the water.  I started swimming at the age of 2 stunning people by jumping off of the diving board. I joined the swim team in middle school and continued all the way through High School. I passed my lifeguarding test at the age of 16 with the Red Cross. I lifeguarded and taught swimming lessons through Palm Glades Girl Scout council for 6 years. When I moved to Central Florida I continued to lifeguard and teach swimming lessons for Citrus County Girl Scouts. I also lifeguarded and taught swimming lessons for the City of Saint Cloud municipal pool. I know the importance of water safety and how dangerous the water can be.

I graduated from Palm Beach Community College with an AA in education, and continued my degree at the University of Phoenix where I received a Bachelors in Management.  I am currently a teacher in Osceola County working with children with intellectual disabilities.  I have happily been with my husband for 17 years.  I am also a mother of a wonderful son who is 12 and a beautiful daughter who is 3. 

Knowing my daughter, I knew I needed to find swimming lessons for her and I wanted someone else to teach her.  After much research I called Miss Becky who taught my daughter survival swimming through Safety First PediAquatics. Even though I had taught swimming lessons for 7 years through the Red Cross training, this new technique had me in awe. I instantly knew I wanted to be trained and join Miss Becky's team! Side-by-side Miss Becky has taught me the techniques needed to teach children the skills of self-rescue.   I am super excited about this new Journey and the opportunity to help my community keep children safe from drowning.