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We support Military, First Responders, and Teachers!

Basic Training

Starting at 6 months of age, Safety First PediAquatics will teach children the infamous swim float swim sequence. This basic training course will ensure your child learns essential water safety skills. In the emergency situation of falling in the water, your child will have the ability to self rescue using the three step swim, float, swim sequence. During this 4-6 week course, your child will master the swim float swim techniques fully clothed. In addition, learning the art of swimming builds a child's confidence in and around the water.

Refresher Courses

Stayed out of the water too long? If your child has not been in the water for some time, it is recommended that you sign up for a refresher course to reestablish the basics. In this one week course, Safety First PediAquatics will restore those important skills vital for fun and safety around the water.  

Maintenance Lessons

Just like every athlete, we all need to maintain our basic skills. Maintenance classes are suggested for your child 1-2 times a week. These classes ensure your child will not lose any skills or get rusty, especially through those summer months with pool season at full peak. Your child will maintain the quality of their skills and gain confidence during their time spent in the water at Safety First PediAquatics.

Stroke Lessons

Has your child mastered the swim float swim sequence? Are they ready to move forward with their swim skills? Stroke lessons are for children physically and mentally ready to learn special techniques to better their swim skills such as learning streamlining, freestyle, breast stroke, dolphin kicks, butterflies, and more. 


Dena Lindsay

"Thank you sooo much for the absolutely amazing swimming lessons. This weekend I took my son to a resort with my family and he was so excited to get into the pool. He walked in and once his feet could not reach the bottom any longer he flipped himself over and floated!! People were looking at me like I was crazy for allowing my two-year-old to do that but once they realized he knew how to swim it was a different story. I'm so thankful for you! It's an awesome feeling to be in the water and have that confidence, knowing my guy is safe! We were all so proud of him!"

Samantha Hertel

"Becky is amazing at what she does. My daughter started young and swam alone by 1. She loves Becky."

Christina Coleman

"If you're looking for QUALITY and REAL results for swimming techniques, this is your girl! One-on-one training between student and instructor has given me the piece of mind knowing my child can swim to safety in any article of clothing, or just know when to relax when tired from swimming."

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Drowning is the leading cause of death among children ages 1-5. Swim lessons can decrease the risk of drowning. Starting swim lessons before a child’s first birthday triggers memories of the womb and encourages faster learning of swimming skills. Children are unlikely to ever learn to swim if they haven’t learned by the age of 10. NO ONE IS DROWN PROOF! ALWAYS WATCH YOUR CHILDREN IN AND AROUND THE WATER!